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One more time, the festival came and went like a breeze! Actually, hurricane would be a more accurate word. Each year, I really look forward to these two weeks. Downtown is buzzing with music lovers, the vibe is incredible! Musicians are running around, from rehearsals, to concerts, to more rehearsals. I love it!

Walking out of my apartment, the first thing I see is a long line of people waiting to get in the church next door, sitting on their folding chairs, reading books, having a picnic. And they are really dedicated! If you think rain will stop them, try again! The first time I witnessed this, I was puzzled. Must be some preacher in that church! Imagine my surprise when, after a closer look, I realized they were holding chamber music festival programs! I had never seen such a thing. How refreshing, exciting! Motivating! Man, I feel like a rock star!

Bocherini Quintet
July 26th, 2006

Exciting also, is the sight of old friends back in town. No matter how busy or tired we get, the late night catching-up sessions are always awesome! Especially if accompanied by a beverage of some sort! There are the new friends, who soon become old ones. There's also the stranger you'll smile to in the street, simply because he's got a cello case on his back. One of those right-there-with-ya smile: knowing you're both part of the same great/crazy- world!

Great, fun concerts this summer! Started off on July 26th with Boccherini and Cherubini's string quintets alongside Mark Fewer, Steve Dann, Myron Lutzke, and Kenneth Slowik, in St-John's church. As usual, one is never fully prepared for how hot these churches get! We got hot. Really hot. Dripping-sweat hot. But we made it through, and really had a blast!

Two Sides of Sax
July 27th, 2006

July 27th was "Tango night" in Tabaret. Jazzing it up with Victor Herbiet, and Frédéric Lacroix!

My one "cool" performance of the Festival took place on July 31st, in the deliciously air-conditioned Dominion Chalmers church. "The Pines of Emily Carr" was performed as part of the celebration of Emily Carr's exhibition at the National Gallery of Canada. What a great piece! Enjoyable to both perform and listen to. It was my second time performing this piece. Therefore, here's one word of advice to those of you who are thinking of doing it in a near future: no conductor is the way to go. Seriously.

Ligeti Trio
August 1st, 2006

Finally, the (masochist) icing on the cake! One awesome concert with my two dear friends, David Jalbert –piano, and Louis-Philippe Marsolais –horn. I love playing with those guys! They are the best and the funniest! Each one of us treated ourselves with solo rep of our choice (in my case André Prévost's Improvisation for solo violin), and sealed the deal with Ligeti's hard-as-hell trio for violin, horn, and piano. (One Ligeti Trio score: $100. One Yamaha grand piano: $50,000. Seing the page turner's face when she opens the piano score of the Ligeti Trio: priceless!)

One more year, one more treat. I know the audience enjoys the concerts, but I tell you, we enjoy it too! Many, many good memories…